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Muscle Bug Pest Control

We only use the proven branded products to provide a longer lasting protective residual chemical zone for you home or commercial property’s so use the professionals who use the chemicals you can trust.

Here at Muscle Bug Pest Control we are proud to be users of quality non-generic brand name chemicals from Australia’s leading companies in the pest control industries such as Bayer and FMC.

Muscle Bug Pest Control

Biflex ultra proven outdoor high residual chemical zone for general pest management in residential and comercial property’s and also for a reliable repellent for termite chemical zones and reticulation systems.

Temprid 75 currently the only residual residential and Commercial chemical with two active ingredients to take up the fight against most pests with no odour and perfectly safe to use in all environments.

Muscle Bug Pest Control
Muscle Bug Pest Control
Muscle Bug Pest Control

Bayer Premise 200 SC one of the leading germicides for colony control and elimination, backed by Bayers million dollar warranty and one of the best in the pest control industry.

Stay tuned for more of our non-generic range and please feel free to contact Us in regards to information for our stocked chemicals and products trust in the company that trusts and uses the brands we know not the brands that copy your home is your greatest asset let us protect it with confidence.

Muscle Bug Pest Control

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